Errata Evasion

lilac-pen-orange-writing-thE – According to Merriam – Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus, an errata is a list of corrigenda – a quaint way of saying, “We found this boo-boo after we printed this book, so here it is on an annoying separate sheet of paper.”

I know this isn’t done with fiction, but it started me thinking about one of my favorite parts of fiction writing.  Error preventing research. Who knew? If you’re writing genre fiction, you better love research. Someone said, in effect, “If you don’t know much about pup tents, research them until you feel like you’ve pitched fifty of the little buggers.” In other words, if you can talk the talk, folks will think you can walk the walk. Most of the time:)

It takes only one well researched sentence to set the scene. Fortunately,the internet makes info gathering much easier . Still, the best research technique is going straight to the source. Want to know about death ? Ask a combat veteran. Never given birth? Ask your mother.

But, research is addictive. You can lose yourself for hours or days, looking for the nuggets of your one perfect sentence. Eventually, you have to tear yourself away and get back to writing!

What’s your favorite information source?


One thought on “Errata Evasion”

  1. Strangely enough I’m reading books for some research at the minute. Admittedly the stuff I’m after is a little obscure but I do like to soak up my information that way. Obviously for your examples, talking to real people would be the better option but it’s just not going to happen with this story I’m afraid.

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