Last Call: IN VINO VERITAS Submission Deadline Tomorrow

When I finally saw the Last Call submission I was still mired in finishing my novel. But, for the first time ever, I wanted to send along a story. Unfortunately, while my characters drink alot 🙂 none of my short stories are drink-themed.

J. C. Conway

Update: The Editor has now Closed this anthology to submissions.

This weekend is the last chance to submit stories to the Static Movement drink-themed anthology, In Vino Veritas, edited by Dorothy Davies. At present, the anthology is slated to feature stories from the following talented writers:

  • Olivia Arieti
  • Tammy Branom
  • John Conway (2 stories)
  • John H Dromey
  • Dave Fragments
  • Ken Goldman
  • A J Humpage
  • Ken L Jones (3 stories)
  • B T Joy
  • Ron Koppelberger (3 stories)
  • Neil Leckman (2 stories)
  • David S Pointer
  • Marjia Elektra Rodriguez
  • TM Simmler
  • Brianna Stoddard
  • George Wilhite
  • Big Jim Williams (2 stories)
  • Matthew Wilson (4 stories)

Stories submitted this weekend will meet the announced deadline. After that, the anthology will be in editing and on the path to production. Send submissions to Dorothy Davies in accordance with these Submission Guidelines.

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